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As the Creative Director, I got a chance to create the branding for Thismoment, Inc. We decided that the look should have a fun and organic feel so naturally, I gravitated towards creating a custom script for the logo. The original logo was an "@" symbol (created before my time) so I kept that look in tact for the tm mark. All designers at Thismoment were responsible for creating Distributed Engagement Channels, aka DEC. I've shown one example of a DEC but I've designed close to 100 of them for several clients including Sony, P&G, McDonald's, Disney and more. Again, it was the detailed visual design work that really drew me in. More of my web and mobile work from thismoment can be found here:

SOFTWARE: Illustrator, Photoshop

Logo Design

DEC Example - Desktop and mobile   [more examples]

CMS Icons

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